Mar 26, 2024 | News

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LONDON, UK— March 26, 2023 — BiostealthAI® today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a programme that nurtures startups revolutionising industries with technological advancements. 

BiostealthAI, has announced its participation in the NVIDIA Inception program, marking a significant milestone in its mission to democratise access to life-saving healthcare solutions. NVIDIA Inception, known for providing startups with cutting-edge technology and technical resources, aligns perfectly with BiostealthAI's vision of harnessing AI to ensure swift access to medical-grade monitoring for all, regardless of socioeconomic background.

CEO of BiostealthAI, Israel Gbati, emphasises, "We should all work together to break down barriers and ensure that no one is left behind in reaping the benefits of digital health technologies". BiostealthAI was established with the goal of monitoring health silently, proactively and continuously, detecting early symptoms of life-threatening 'silent killers' as they develop. Through its innovative Touchable® technology, BiostealthAI introduces a new generation of medical-grade health monitoring devices seamlessly integrated into homes and workplaces, revolutionising preventive care.

At the core of BiostealthAI’s initiatives lies the development of an AI system to classify time series Photoplethysmography (PPG) signals. By leveraging NVIDIA GPUs for deep learning model training and high-performance computing tasks, BiostealthAI aims to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of Heart and Lung disease. "We are designing our system to perform inference on the edge, eventually transitioning to the cloud," Israel Gbati explains. "Joining the NVIDIA Inception program presents an unparalleled opportunity to expose us to cutting-edge AI tools and resources, significantly impacting our AI development and strategy."

Through advanced signal processing techniques and calibration strategies, BiostealthAI will ensure its devices work for everyone, providing seamless, preventative health screening for millions of people at risk. The integration of AI and Big Data enables BiostealthAI to expand the capabilities of PPG sensing beyond traditional pulse oximetry, achieving precise measurements of parameters such as blood pressure biomarkers, stress levels, and other cardiovascular health indicators.

About BiostealthAI

BiostealthAI was established by innovator Israel Gbati and respiratory health advocate Georgios Papanikolaou, in a bid to monitor health 100% silently and continuously, detecting early symptoms of life-threatening ’silent killers’ as they begin to develop. With the emergence of high-processing-power chips, and advanced miniaturised sensor technology the time has arrived for Touchable® technology to enter our lives. Touchables™ are a new generation of medical-grade, health monitoring objects, seamlessly integrated into everyday living, that perform continuous, non-invasive health monitoring, without the need to wear a device, turn it on, put it to charge, or even think about it.