Discrete Health Monitoring

Health checks From Touchables.

Live Freely,
unburdened by the feeling
of being a patient

Embrace a life without the weight of constant health monitoring, with technology that seamlessly integrates into your everyday routine.


Proprietary cardiovascular health monitoring surface technology that seamlessly integrates with any object to mesure health parameters continuously upon touch.

"Using such an "embedded" device to monitor my health (as opposed to other devices which need decision to use, to wear , to activate, to replace batteries etc.), is very attaractive."

Patient Advocate
Living with incurable lung disease
(aspergilloma, bronhiectasis)

Touchable technology caters to different Stakeholders

Health Insurance
Public Health

Essential health screening on your own terms

Experience the ease and user-friendly design of our flagship Touchable device and health management platform, featuring an impressive 78.6 System Usability Score, as rated by individuals living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

  • Automating record keeping and simplifying data reports.
  • Empowering users with appropriate, personalised information.
  • Reducing the anxiety associated with out-of-context readings.

Freedom from active monitoring

Total Hours Saved.

Compared to traditional methods for equivalent data collection, Touchables spark a time-saving revolution, freeing up more time for rest, movement, and living.

  • Uninstrusive health checks without any active involvement.
  • No need to wear a device, turn it on or even think about it.
  • Achieving maximum adherence to regular monitoring.

Biostealth Al is commited to improving the lives of millions of people by detecting the onset of diseases with no effort from users.

Preventative Health Approach

Monitoring health continuously and conveniently to identify potential problems, boosting early diagnosis and treatment.

Benefiting Health Services

Preventing avoidable hospital admissions and enabling earlier discharge through seamless integration with virtual wards.

Democratising Healthcare

Providing disadvantaged communities with access to advanced healthcare technology, aligning with Core20Plus5 and the NHS Long Term Plan.